Friday, May 27, 2016

2016 Summer Bucket List

Yay!  Summer is here again.  We've planned some fun things to do.  What have you planned?

Play Wal-Mart Bingo 
Explore Aviate 
Enjoy Urban Air
Sleep Over!
Roller Skating
Play Checkers at Cracker Barrel
Visit the Wichita Art Museum
Host a Tasting Party
Visit the Humane Society and bring NO animals home
Swim at the lake
Show at the health food store with the Owens.  Get the healthy food tips.
Swim at the pool
Wii family game night
Go fishing
Go to Exploration Place
Prepare all the recipes in Greg's cookbook
Visit the zoo
Walk around Botanica
Paint with water guns (canvas or shirt)
Enjoy the amenities at Watson Park
Tie Dye
UFO day - finish a project
Play basketball
Baseball game
Camp out
Water balloon fight
Kids make supper
Backwards Day
Visit the Valley Center Historical Museum
Paper Airplane party
Build a blanket fort
Pick peaches
do Random Acts of Kindness

Well, that sounds like enough to do in summer!

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