Sunday, March 22, 2009

I've been dreading taxes...

I usually have our taxes done by the beginning of March, but I've been putting them off this year. Why? I have to report my income from my WAHM business. I've kept good records of all my transactions for money, but I didn't keep any records of my trades. I was not aware that I had to report barter income. I'm going through a year long list of created items to try to remember what I bartered and how much it's worth. Yuck!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 Great Things about my Husband

1) He truly loves the Lord and desires to know him personally.

2) He has a smooth voice. I love to hear him sing or read to me.

3) He is a great Dad who really enjoys interacting with our son.

4) He is great at fixing computers.

5) He's one of the few people who has the ability to help me see myself with humor.

6) He likes to read and think.

7) He is handsome.

8) He trusts me financially. I don't have to justify purchases to him.

9) He has a great sense of humor. He can make me laugh.

10) I know he loves me, even if it often seems like he doesn't.