Thursday, October 6, 2011

Woolie Warm Fuzzies

Why use wool?
• All natural
• Breathable
• Anti-bacterial

How does wool work?
• Both absorbs and repels
• Hair forms air pockets that hold moisture, up to 30% of its weight before it feels wet.
• Lanolin, naturally occurring oil in wool, does not mix with water.

Tell me about the terminology…
• Soaker – is a pull-up style of diaper cover that looks similar to a bloomer.
• Shorties – shorts
• Capris/Board Shorts
• Longies – long pants
• Skirties/Skorties – soaker or shorties with a skirt attached
• Wrap – like a diaper cover that needs snaps, Velcro, or a snappi to hold it on.

What types of wool are used for diaper covers?
• Upcycled/Recycled: old sweaters are sewn into covers.
• Wool yarn: knit or crochet into wool covers.
• Wool fabrics: interlock, crêpe, flannel, can be sewing into covers.
• If you want to use it for a diaper cover, avoid superwash yarn, fabric, or sweaters.

How do I measure my baby for wool?
• You need at least baby’s rise, waist, and inseam. I prefer to have the width of the hips and thighs too.
• Photo tut:

How do I take care of wool?
• Before the first use, wool needs to be lanolized. You can use lanolin spray, wool wash with lanolin, or baby shampoo and lanolin breast cream.
• When you take the wool off baby, hang it up to dry. If it smells like urine when it’s dry, that wool needs to be washed. Wool has natural antibacterial properties, so it can go several uses before it needs to be washed.
• Wash the wool with a gentle soap like baby wash or wool wash. Woolite, Dawn, and standard laundry detergent will strip the lanolin out of the piece.
• When the wool starts to leak/wick, it needs to be lanolized again.
• Make sure you always use cool water and air dry it to avoid felting.
• Spot clean with a wool wash bar or Dawn on a fingertip.
• A word on scented wool care products…

I want to up-cycle a sweater, what do I need to look for?
• Test for colorfast dye by soaking a small snip in a cup of hot water.
• Select a sweater that is at least 80-85% wool. Avoid nylon. Use polyester thread.
• To felt or not to felt, that is the question.
• Decide on a waistband: yoga style, elastic, or drawstring.
• Katrina Soaker Pattern
• To make pants and

Are there any local Work At Home Moms that make wool diaper covers?
 Rebekah Bogner Carver – knit and crochet. Carver Creations on Facebook
 Heather Diemer – upcycle sweaters.
 Kristina Steuber Dalton – knit, crochet, upcycle sweaters, and sew wool and fleece fabric.
Tripp Hartmetz – knit.
Lindsay Bench – knit. (316) 990-2538
 Indicates this wahm can be found on the Kansas Cloth Diaper Talk & Swap Facebook Page