Friday, April 3, 2015

Book Reveiw: A Perfect Pet for Peyton by Rick Osborne and Gary Chapman

What did you do for Valentine’s day?  Go on a date?  Write sweet notes?  Make heart shaped pizza?  Toby and I decided to order A Perfect Pet for Peyton for our family on Valentine’s Day.  It introduces kids to the five love languages.  What is a love language?  I’ll let the book explain.
“Each of us especially likes to love and be loved in one or two of these languages; some love kind words, others like touch.  Some enjoy spending special time with people.  Others love gifts and some like to do nice and helpful things.  We all need to love people in every way.  However, God made use each special and we all love a little differently.”

This book teaches to concept of love languages through the playful story of twin Peyton and Penny’s birthday party.  Our kids love the tale and the colorful pictures.  Each picture has a ‘seek and find’ activity.  I would recommend doing the activities after you read the story.  Doing them while you read breaks up the story line too much. 

A Perfect Pet for Peyton helped our family converse about how we can make each other feel loved and valued.  It also reminded me of something special from my childhood to share with them.  My parents read to my two brothers and I before every nap and nighttime.  They were very busy with three children born in the span of 31 months.  I knew their busy worlds would stop to spend quality time with me at last once a day.  Toby and I share this same ritual with our kids. 
If you would like to discover your own love language, take the quiz at

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