Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Soap Saga

I have sensitive skin. My skin gets dry in the winter. I break out in little spots of exema, especially when I use a soap with irritating dyes, fragrances, and perspectives. My husband gets a headache from strong fragrances. My mother-in-law is even more sensitive than my husband and I put together! I switched to natural or homemade soap about a year ago to reduce our discomfort. After 6 months of buy other people's soap, I thought about making my own. Then I could tweak the ingredients list to our families particular needs. I did instruct students in hot process soap making while I taught high school Chemistry. Early Dec of last year, I made my first batch of cold processed. It was a disaster! But my second batch turned out pretty good. I found that I loved it so much, I had to limit myself to one batch of soap a week!

Lightly Lavender soap

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