Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 Great things about Vince that we are really going to miss

1) Vince had a great Italian-Brooklyn accent. We enjoyed listening to the way he talked.
2) Vince was a great chief. We loved the foods he prepared and also the cuisine he introduced us to at restaurants.
3) We appreciated Vince’s direct, no-nonsense communication style.
4) We really respect Vince’s intellectual prowess. He was smart and a life-long learner.
5) Vince always had the coolest gadgets. He embraced change in technology.
6) Vince was a self-made man. He perused his interests without allowing others to dictate how he should live his life.
7) Vince was motivated to pursue his interests. Hard work did not deter him.
8) Vince had a great sense of humor.
9) Vince encouraged us to follow our dreams.
10) Vince was a wonderful friend and companion to my Grandma.

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