Saturday, October 31, 2009

State Fair Fun

This was our first trip to the Kansas State Fair as a family. Toby and I have been talking about it since we got married but finally got around to it. We had to start at the livestock barns. We saw people grooming sheep, goats, and cattle for the show. Then we were "grossed-out" at the K-State Animal Birth Center. We moved quickly though the poultry and rabbits so we could see the alpaca's fleece being spun into yarn. We had a lot of fun in 'Ag Land' crawling through the soil tunnel, comparing different grains, driving a mock combine, and milking a cow. Toby and I pulled Greg through the commercial barns. Greg picked one ride for us to enjoy, the train of course. Greg had to sit in every boat, tractor, 3-wheeler, motorcycle, and lawn mower in the "big boy's toys" commercial area. We introduced Greg to Pronto Pups and Funnel Cakes. I was the only parent to wear the paper sack hat that their child made at Do Art.

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