Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Elusive Girl Cow

I haven't told you about "Girl Cow" yet. She showed up at our house early in August. No, we haven't acquired a new pet. Girl Cow is Greg's first imaginary friend. Girl Cow plays with Greg, sleeps in his bed, rides with us in the car... We've learned that she is small enough for Greg to hold in his hand. She's a dairy cow, white with black spots. Greg has added to his circle of imaginary friends to include several cartoon characters, but Girl Cow was the first. Tonight at Tricks not Treats I had to explain to Greg that since the workers couldn't see Girl Cow, she couldn't get a bag of candy. He decided to share his candy. BTW, I am so proud of the little boy Greg is becoming. He was so polite at Tricks not Treats tonight. He said "thank you," "excuse me," "please," and patiently waited his turn.


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