Monday, September 21, 2015

Book Reveiw: Answers to Prayer by George Mueller

A friend and I have been reading this book.  I highly recommend it.  It’s not long but it’s full of the testimony of a man who saw God work in response to prayer.  My faith has grown by reading it.  Also, I’ve learned a few ways to pray about various situations just by reading his prayers.  I’m going to share a passage with you out of Answers to Prayer that really touched my heart.  

“Oct. 9. – This morning Luke vii came in the course of my reading before breakfast.  While reading the account about the Centurion and the raising from death the widow’s son at Nain, I lifted up my heart to the Lord Jesus thus: ‘Lord Jesus, Thou hast the same power now.  Thou canst provide me with means for Thy work in my hands.  Be pleased to do so.’ About half an hour afterwards I received L30 15s. 
The joy which such answers to prayer afford, cannot be described.  I was determined to wait upon God only, and not to work an unscriptural deliverance for myself.  I have thousands of pounds for the Building Fun; but I would not take of this sum because it was once set apart for that object.  There is also a legacy of L100 for the Orphans two months overdue, in the prospect of the payment of which the heart might be naturally inclined to use some money of the Building Fund, to be replaced by the legacy money, when it comes in; but I would not thus step out of God’s way of obtaining help.  At the very time when this donation arrived, I had packed up L100 which I happened to have in hand; received for the Building Fund, in order to take it to the Bank, as I was determined not to touch it, but to wait upon God.  My soul does magnify the Lord for His goodness.” 

Dear reader (that’s a George Mueller thing, he often addresses his readers as such in his book), I’m praying this for you and for me “Lord, set our hearts to wait upon You only and not to work an unscriptural deliverance for ourselves.”  Mueller’s trial was the financial provision for hundreds of orphans.  My trial is different than that.  Your trial is probably different too.  We’re all tempted to take matters into our own hands; to work and manipulate our circumstances to get us out of the trial faster.  Let us all determine in our hearts to wait upon God only, and not to work an unscriptural deliverance for ourselves.  And Lord, enlighten our minds as we read your Word to understand what you want of us. 

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