Friday, June 12, 2015

Our Summer Bucket List

I've had a couple of requests to see our bucket list (OK, maybe just one).  Here's the list my 8 year-old Greg and 4 year-old Phoenix created.  Last year we did someone else's bucket list, but this year we felt daring enough to make our own.  It really helps fight-off summer boredom. 

Go to the lake. 
Do the Great Plains Nature Center Scavenger Hunt.  You can pick up a scavenger hunt check list at the front desk.
Find out what Rock River Rapids is all about. 
Do an art project that involves lots of cutting and gluing. 
Paint a canvas.
Make a memorial shadow box for Fonzy (our dog passed away this May).
Make and play with fairy dough
Go bowling.  
Bird watch at Sedgwick County Zoo's new Tropics Exhibit. 
Fishing with Daddy.  For you Valley Center residents, you can check out a fishing pole at the library
Make popsicles. 
Go to the Drive-In Movies
Have a reading party.
See a movie at the Palace Theater.  I'm thinking of doing this on a Tuesday when the tickets are $1.50. 
Visit the Lake Afton Observatory.
Go to Exploration Place and see a show in the dome.
Write a book. 
Make ice cream.
Find the Wichita Troll.
Ride the pony at Watson Park
Feed all the farm animals at the zoo.
Bean bag toss.
Play croquet.
Family Game Night.
Make cookies for friends.
Host a fancy smachy pasta party.  (Use table linens and the good china).
Take our picture in a photo booth.
Have a picnic at Botanica.  Admission is only $3 on Thursdays! 
See a parade.
Watch fireworks.
Create an obstacle course.
Catch fireflies.
Tie dye t-shirts.
Make cards.
Turn celery leaves all different colors.
Go to the farmer's market.
Kids versus parents three-legged race.
Make carmel popcorn.
Play a round of mini golf.
Build a block tower.
Do a service project.  The kids love to help people move.
Make sandcastles at Sedgwick County Park.  
Complete those model rocket kits.
Visit all four parks in Valley Center, KS.
Do hand-print art on Dad's shirt.
Pillow fight.
Fly a Kite.
Inside-Out day.
PJ day.
Backwards day.
Make cookies using the cookie press.
Upcycle a newspaper.
Make a fort in the living room.
Paint the kids rest room.
Sleep in the living room.
Water fight!
Build a sand volcano, then make it erupt with baking soda and vinegar.
Engineer a balloon powered Lego car.  
Make pretzels.
Make bagel sandwiches. 
Walk to Sonic for a half-priced shake.
See the lighting of the flames around the Keeper of the Plains
Eat breakfast the the Beacon.
Visit the Sedgwick County Historical Museum.  
Visit the Wichita Art Museum.  It's free on Saturdays!
Walk to the Kwik Shop and buy a drink.
Order slushies during happy hour (2-4 pm) at Sonic.
Food fight!
Burn off a lot of energy at Jumpy Jump Land.

Hope your summer is amazing!

This is what a 200 Citibloc tower looks like!

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