Friday, May 22, 2015

Bird Watching at Sedgwick County Zoo

Today is a fabulous day because today we began our Summer Bucket List!  Our local zoo just reopened it's jungle building as the Tropics Exhibit.  It seemed like the perfect place to cross 'bird watching' off our list.  Horticulturalists added lots of beautiful orchids to the exhibit's collection of exotic plants. 
Phoenix is making her best orchid impression in the above photo.  Besides tropical birds, we also observed penguins and bald eagles.  It was a great opportunity to discuss the distinguishing characteristics of birds.  Greg and I even made an acrostic poem to help us remember what makes a bird different from other animals.

·       Beak or bill instead of jaws and teeth
·       Is hatched from an egg
·       Runs with two legs (aka bipedal)
·       Doesn’t have fur, covered with feathers

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