Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Craft Tutorial: Upcycled Candles

I just love candles, but there's something unlovely about candles.  The wick often burns away before all the wax is gone.  What do you do with all the leftover wax?  Here's what you do: you make a new candle!

Collection can
Old saucepan
Taper candle
Candle wax
Candle mold or a paperboard milk container

1) Collect the wax to upcycle.  Old candles and wax melters are great sources.  I keep a coffee can around that I collect the spent Scentsy melts for later use.

2) Find the candle mold and taper.  The taper candle (long thin candle) will go down the center of your upcycled candle as the new wick.  I purchased the mold at a craft store.  You can also use a paperboard half gallon container, like the ones that hold almond milk.

 3) Pour a couple of inches of water into the old saucepan.  Put the collection can with wax in it into the saucepan.  Slowly heat on low.  My burner is set on 2.  This will take 30 - 60 min depending on how much wax is in the can.  Don't get impatient.  If you heat it too quickly you run the risk of getting to the wax's flash point and creating a fire.  Keep a close eye on the wax as you heat it.  Safety first!

4) Once the wax is melted, carefully pour it into the mold.  Try not to make it splash the sides of the container. 

5) After the wax has cooled slightly but not solidified, put the taper into the center of the mold.  Allow the wax to solidify.

6) Continue this process until the taper is covered with layers of wax.  You might need several weeks to collect a sufficient amount of wax.

 7)  Once the wax has cooled, it is normal for the surface to dip towards the center of the candle.  When your candle is almost done, add one more thin layer of wax to make the top flat.

 8)  To remove the candle from the mold, put the cooled candle into a bath of warm water.  The metal mold will expand faster than the candle.  Remove the mold and candle from the water.  Dry off the outside of the mold.  Turn it upside down, and shake the candle out of the mold.  

9) Enjoy your upcycled candle!

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