Friday, December 4, 2009

Weather Week

We love discussing weather. Every morning Greg and I talk about the current conditions. Is the sky cloudy or sunny? Is the temperature hot or cold? Is it windy or calm? During weather week we read God's Plan for Weather

Temperature (hot vs. cold)
  • Make a paper doll. Dress him for hot and cold weather. Discuss the type of clothing worn in different conditions.
  • Play Hot and Cold. Hide an object. Clue him to where it is by using the word hot to indicate he's close and cold to indicate he's far away from the target.
  • Make pudding. Pour it into Popsicle molds. Freeze and eat.
  • Melt crayons in the oven. Then pour the melted crayon onto paper and watch it solidify. Discuss the changes in the crayon that the changes in temperature create.
  • Freeze a small toy inside an ice cute. Then put it in a warm spot and watch it melt.

The Sky (sunny vs. cloudy)

  • Play shadow tag. Point out that you can only play shadow tag on a sunny day.
  • Paint with water on the sidewalk. Discuss that the sun makes the water evaporate.
  • Look through a prism to show the colors in sunlight.
  • Cut out different types of clouds from a poster board. Put the clouds on the ground. Hop from cloud to cloud.
  • Cut out 6 different clouds. Trace them on a blue piece of paper. Shade in the traced clouds in gray. Have child match the cut out with it's shadow on the blue paper.


  • Sing Rain Rain Go Away.
  • Use a spray bottle to make 'rain' on a cookie sheet. Compare the sound of a mist to a downpour by adjusting the nozzle on the bottle.
  • Play umbrella up-side-down. Toss squishy balls into an upside-down umbrella.
  • Watch storm footage on YouTube. Find rain, tornado, and hurricane footage. Discuss that dark clouds are often full of water droplets and bring rain.
  • Draw a storm scene with crayons. Then paint over it with blue water colors.
  • Create static electricity and compare it to lightening.


  • Use wind to blow bubbles. Chase the bubbles as the wind blows them.
  • Make a kite from a paper bag and yarn. Decorate it with crayons/markers and stickers. Go outside and fly the paper bag kite.
  • Rock a stuffed animal and sing "Rock a bye Baby"
  • Try to blow several item across the table with the 'wind' you make from your mouth. Which things float easier?


  • Ice skate on the carpet. Use rectangles of wax paper under you feet to slide on the floor.
  • Snowball fight. Crumple white paper into balls for the snow balls.
  • Cut snowflakes from pieces of paper.
  • Make a marshmallow snowman. Anchor him to a Graham crackers. Use frosting for features. Use pretzel stocks for arms.
  • Fill a box with the flake style fake snow and play with it like sand.


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